Financial Impact


Mental Health Association of Morris County
Financial Impact of Our Services
We help people to live independent productive lives free from expensive institutional facilities. 
It costs approximately $301,000 to keep a mental health client in a New Jersey State Psychiatric Hospital for one year. This is approximately $825 per day. However, MHAMC can house them in the community with intense support and monitoring for $35,000 per year.
Morris County pays 15% of the bill for all county residents placed in Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital. That is an average of $45,000 per year per patient.
We help people recover from mental illness who would otherwise be placed in a costly jail facility.


It costs Morris County $91,250 per year ($250 per day) to place someone in the Morris County jail. MHAMC can divert them from the jail and put supports in place in the community through our Forensic Case Management program for approximately $3,000 per year for each person.
A $26 call to our Peer-to-Peer Support Line, staffed by people with mental illness,  will keep people from a $2,000 emergency care visit.
It costs an average of $2,000 for a person in crisis to visit a psychiatric emergency room in Morris County. 
A significant number of calls to the psychiatric emergency rooms are for non-crisis support. These calls can be avoided if the person receives support from a peer, who also has mental illness, in the community. MHAMC Peer-to-Peer Line diverts non-crisis calls from the emergency room.
MHAMC can divert calls from the emergency room for approximately $26 per phone call.
Further, the Peer-to-Peer Line also serves as a training ground for people with mental illness to become employed as mental health professionals. Currently, over 40% of MHAMC staff are people in recovery from mental illness. Moving people from disability to employment increases quality of life and allows people with mental illness to contribute to the tax base.
We help people to live independently, allowing them to move to permanent housing from homelessness.
It costs $41,610 per year ($113 per night) to keep a person with mental illness in the Morris County Homeless Shelter. 
It costs $31,025 per year ($85 per night) to place someone in a Morris County motel. 
MHAMC can provide Homeless Outreach Services to help a mentally ill person to access permanent housing for $14,652 per year.