Community Education

Are you looking for an exciting presentation, volunteer opportunity, or information about mental health? Our Community Education programs offer the following:


  • Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) ~ In 2013, we launched this evidence-based public-education curriculum that teaches a 5-step action plan to offer initial help to people with the signs and symptoms of a mental illness or in a crisis, and connect them with the appropriate professional, peer, social, or self-help care. Anyone can take the 8-hour Mental Health First Aid course; first responders, students, teachers, leaders of faith communities, human resources professionals, and caring citizens.  MHFA originated in 2001 in Australia and was brought to the US in 2008 by the National Council for Behavioral Health, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and the Missouri Department of Mental Health. In 2013, we received a grant from Atlantic Health System and Saint Clare’s Health Foundation and as a result we trained 25 people in the community to be certified Mental Health First Aid trainers. Then in 2014, we leveraged the trainers and they trained 362 people in Mental Health First Aid.  Out of that number, our staff trained 92 people who participated in the Adult module (72 people) and Senior module (20 people). Click here for MHFA Overview. Click here for MHFA History.
  • Mental Health Players ~ The Mental Health Players are a group of volunteers who use interactive role play to address important issues such as aging, drug and alcohol abuse, family conflicts, workplace issues, and mental illnesses. Performances are approximately one hour in length and are offered at no cost although donations are always welcome. To book a performance with the Mental Health Players or to learn more about this program, call 973-334-3496 x112. Click here to view the flyer.


  • Family Support ~ Concerned Families for the Mentally Ill is the name of our bi-monthly newsletter for those who have an adult friend or loved one living with a mental illness. Parents Involved Network is our newsletter for parents of children and adolescents with emotional problems. To be added to the mailing list, call 973-334-3496 x112.


  • Health Fairs ~ Staff and volunteers from the Mental Health Association of Morris County also offer educational materials via booths at health fairs throughout the area. To schedule staff from the Mental Health Association of Morris County to come speak to your employees or community groups about our services or to book us for participation in a Health Fair, please call 973-334-3496 x112.



Although mental illness is prevalent in our community, many people do not know much about it. Often what they do know is inaccurate and hurtful to the 1 in 4 individuals diagnosed with a mental illness. The Mental Health Association of Morris County, through education and awareness activities, aims to dispel the myths about mental illness and promote mental wellness in our community.


In 2014 our Community Education included:


Mental Health Players: In their pursuit of reducing the stigma of mental illness and raising awareness of the needs of people with mental illness, the Mental Health Players volunteer program uses improvisational theatre to educate the community on mental health issues and mental illness. In 2014, the Mental Health Players participated in 30 theatrical performances. A total of 1,767 audience members took part in a Mental Health Players performance. 86% of these audience members surveyed learned something new about mental illness or know where to go for help as a result of the program.

Family Newsletters: We believe in empowering family members of people with mental illness to be active in the recovery of their loved ones. Our newsletters, Concerned Families for the Mentally Ill (CFMI) and Parents Involved Network (PIN), were sent to 800 individuals. Each newsletter provided at least 18 local support groups including at least 1 educational lecture series. Also, at least one scholarly article focusing on understanding mental illness was detailed in each newsletter.

Information and Referral Services: MHAMC operates an Information and Referral Service which utilizes a database of private practitioners in the Morris County area. This includes an inventory of their areas of expertise, locations, fees of services, and contact information. In 2014, we provided community resources and referrals to 360 individuals in need. 100% of callers received information or resources on issues in which they requested assistance.


Please click here to get info on Mental Health America's Information Center!