Disaster Response

MHAMC staff was a critical player in the 2012 county emergency response plan. When Hurricane Sandy hit our region in the fall of 2012, the staff at the Mental Health Association of Morris County continued service to the community, despite being closed for one week due to loss of electricity. We checked in by phone on over 150 clients enrolled in our services every day following the storm. All our staff were in phone contact with their clients, and 21 of our staff conducted multiple home visits during that whole week, despite the fact that over 80% of our staff were without their own electricity in their homes. They used their personal vehicles, since the agency was closed, and took risks on behalf of our clients to make sure they were safe. In addition, Mental Health Association of Morris County staff assisted the County of Morris Emergency Response Team, and the Morris County Department of Human Services, to reach out to over 20 clients and families housed temporarily in local area emergency shelters, and to help place high risk consumers in these shelters in emergency motel placements when the storm shelter closed.  We also worked with Morris County Mental Health Administrator to maintain the County’s Disaster Practitioner call-up roster; 49 private practitioners were catalogued into the agency’s database. As always, MHAMC staff were there to assist Morris County residents when they were most in need.